COVID May 29 update

Update from your Member of Provincial Parliament regarding COVID-19

Queen’s Park

I spent this week at Queen’s Park and sat in chamber where I asked the government questions our long term care homes in Ottawa-Vanier. To see my question to the minister of long term care click here. I also requested the government to put a stop to commercial evictions to protect our small businesses. Watch my full question here.

Local updates for Ottawa-Vanier

Just like all of you, I can’t have meetings in persons. Which means that we have to be innovative and use our technology. That’s how I am able to meet groups of people using Zoom and other communication tools. What is great about this is that I can have those meetings from wherever I am.

Long term care and retirement homes

This week I connected with long term care residences and retirement homes to inquire about how everyone is doing. The news were really positive so this means we have to keep doing the right thing and accept the restrictions and measures in place for now.

Town Halls

I also participated in our first Town Hall with the Sandy Hill community together minister Mona Fortier our city councillor Mathieu Fleury. During this interactive session we were able to answer some of the questions that residents had and took note of their concerns. More of these town halls are coming soon in your area. The next one will be on Monday for the residents of Vanier and Overbrook. Sign up here. These town halls are coordinated with your local associations and all this collaboration is a really great way to work together.


As your MPP for Ottawa Vanier, I would like know about your reality during COVID-19. Your input is vital to make sure I can bring Ottawa-Vanier’s voice to the Ontario Legislative Assembly during this COVID-19 re-opening process. Please fill out this form.

As always, thank you for doing your part in fighting COVID-19. My team remains available to help. Please feel free to give us a call at 613-744-4484 or send us an email at

Lucille Collard, MPP